Every tiмe she posts pictures of her BaƄies online, people beg her to stop: only special people have special BaƄies

Nowadays, the majority of people utilize social media as their primary mode of communication. It is traditional to send pictures of your children to family and friends for their enjoyment.

She publishes on social media like other young mothers, but the comments on her photographs and the way her child is treated are fundamentally different. But, she has some comments to say…

Natasha, a young mother, is adjusting to motherhood. She likes uploading online photographs of her one-year-old son Raedyn, as do many other new mothers. Yet, unlike most moms, she faces severe cyberbullying due to the appearance of her kid.

She posts videos of herself and her kid Raedyn on the popular social media platform TikTok. She also receives dozens, if not hundreds, of comments begging that she stop posting photos and videos of her child.

Yet, Natasha has a message for her detractors.

, “I shall not cease… “He is perfect, despite the fact that he has a different appearance,” she explains.

She cannot count the number of letters and remarks that ask, “What is wrong with your child? Why does your 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥 look like that?”

Raedyn, a small child, was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, which causes limb, facial, and skull malformations. Natasha, however, feels that her son is perfect, so she posts footage of him online whenever she can.

She observes, however, that the majority of the remarks she receives are harsh, such as “What kind of life will he have?” Someone questioned in an impolite manner on TikTok, and another commented, “Why would you make him live like that? What a horrible existence you are allowing him to lead!

As if online trolls weren’t vicious enough, Natasha also receives comments from real-life folks. She alleges that when she is in public, people approach her and ask disrespectful questions, such as “What’s wrong with your child?’” Then why does your child look like that?’…that is not how a human being should be addressed.”

Due to the inevitable barrage of inquiries she will face, she finds it difficult to appear in public. She stated, “It’s stressful to explain my son’s health issues over and over again.” Because of her son’s looks, she struggles to comprehend the degree of attention in him. She says, “He lives the same life as any other child… does he appear different?” Indeed, but that does not make him less.”

Adding, “He deserves life and acceptance – I will fight till my last breath for this.”

She dislikes the caring others have for her, especially when she is going about her business and is suddenly accosted by someone who is “interested” and has questions.

“People must realize that I am just a mother and my kid is just a baby… our lives do not revolve around his illness,” she explained.

She dislikes the caring others have for her, especially when she is going about her business and is suddenly accosted by someone who is “interested” and has questions.

“We are a typical family. I wish that one day the world will embrace handicapped individuals and not criticize them based on their appearance and what they cannot achieve.”

It is upsetting to see that people are still eager to criticize individuals who are different from them in any way in this day and age. We can only hope that individuals would become more inclusive and charitable.


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