Adoгαble imαge of the ‘blαckest boy in the woгld’

The photo of a baby who is said to be the ‘blackest in the world’ is causing a fever in the online community for the past few days because it is so cute. Immediately, the identity of this super black boy was found out by everyone. It turned out that those 4 photos came from a social network account of a young Australian mother – Juha Amubayiwa.

She shares photos of her cute black son and how he brings joy to his mother. On the personal account of this young mother, she also shared many pictures of her lovely baby boy and received thousands of likes.

Here are some funny pictures of this baby boy.


In a world where beauty standards are largely based on skin color, a heartwarming image of a young boy named Kabs Haloha has been making headlines. Dubbed the “world’s blackest” boy, Kabs has captured the hearts of people all over the globe with his striking looks and infectious smile.

Born in South Sudan, Kabs and his family were forced to flee the country due to conflict and violence. They eventually settled in Australia, where Kabs has been raised in a loving and supportive environment. Despite facing discrimination and prejudice due to his dark skin, Kabs has remained a happy and confident child.

The image of Kabs that has gone viral was taken by photographer Yannis Davy Guibinga. In the photo, Kabs is seen looking directly into the camera with a wide smile on his face. His skin is so dark that it appears to absorb all light, making it difficult to see any features other than his bright, sparkling eyes.

The image has sparked a conversation about beauty standards and the way in which darker-skinned individuals are often marginalized and underrepresented in media and popular culture. Kabs’ image challenges these norms and presents a new standard of beauty that celebrates the unique features of people of all skin tones.

While Kabs’ image has gained widespread attention and praise, it is important to recognize that the color of his skin does not define him as a person. He is a young boy with dreams, aspirations, and a bright future ahead of him. Kabs’ family has expressed their gratitude for the positive response to the photo, but also their hope that it will lead to a greater understanding and appreciation for people of all races and backgrounds.

The image of Kabs has also brought attention to the issue of colorism, a form of discrimination based on skin color that is prevalent in many parts of the world. Dark-skinned individuals often face discrimination and prejudice, even within their own communities. The media and advertising industries have also perpetuated this bias by promoting lighter skin tones as the standard of beauty.

Kabs’ image challenges these harmful norms and sends a message of inclusivity and acceptance. It is a reminder that beauty comes in all shades and that diversity should be celebrated and embraced.


The impact of Kabs’ image has extended beyond social media and news outlets. It has inspired artists, writers, and activists to create works that celebrate dark-skinned individuals and challenge colorism. It has also encouraged parents to talk to their children about the importance of diversity and representation.

In an interview with ABC News, Kabs’ father expressed his hope that his son’s image would inspire other children who may feel marginalized or excluded. He stated, “We want other kids to see that black is beautiful, and that they should be proud of who they are.”

The image of Kabs Haloha has captured the hearts of people all over the world, not just because of his unique features, but because of the powerful message it sends about beauty, diversity, and acceptance. As the conversation continues, it is important to remember that Kabs is more than just an image. He is a young boy who deserves to be celebrated and respected for who he is, inside and out.

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