The мotheг told about the 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡мaгk on heг daughteг’s face, the extraordinaгy eneгgy of the little giгl

A one-year-old daughter is either mocked or despised with all her strength due to an unusual birthmark, and her mother cannot accept this. The lady is certain that this characteristic is not a flaw, but rather a “angelic kiss.” Now she wishes to demonstrate that wine stains are attractive and should not be concealed.

Marianne Bowering, a 27-year-old Adelaide (Australia) resident who works as a beautician and raises a daughter called Angelica with her husband, orey, is a beautician. The infant is just a year old, yet she already has friends and detractors on the Internet, even if she is unaware of this.

ngelica was really born with a unique purple birthmark on her face. This characteristic is referred to as a port-wine stain, a fiery nevus, or even an angel kiss, and is related with abnormal capillary placement and growth.

As they do not damage the internal organs, doctors consider these patches to be one of the most benign vascular illnesses. The face is the most typical location for port-wine stains, but they can develop elsewhere on the body.

The baby’s mother told the Daily Mail that she and her husband were not concerned about their daughter after learning that the spot was not linked to developmental delays and did not damage her eyesight. ngelica is in perfect health and has routine checkups.

Marianna observes the stain on her daughter’s face with affection, and she likes the moniker “Angel’s kiss” She feels that this is a part of the girl’s distinctive beauty that must be revealed to the public and not concealed.

To demonstrate that birthmarks are not a defect, the lady even made an Instagram page for ngelica. “I believe it’s essential to inform people about this disease and normalize it in our culture. We see such folks on television and in the press far too seldom.”

But, not all social media commentators calmly see ngelica’s birthmark. Under the girl’s images, haters and trolls frequently make remarks, which causes her mother to feel concerned. “They physically maltreat the youngster. That is really awful that she is not yet two years old.”

Some of the poor jokes on the baby’s website are quite horrible. “This is why you shouldn’t leave your baby in the oven for too long,” laughed the speaker. “Did they crush her face on the skillet?” “Everyone will look at her and laugh at her, and no man will find her attractive. If this were my child, I would be sad. Commentators frequently assert that Angelica will never have a partner because her looks terrifies guys. And other individuals can not comprehend why a mother would put her daughter on display and appear to flaunt her characteristics.

Also, several others express pity for the infant and her parents or offer awkward comments. “What I despise the most is when people tell me that when she’s older, she can just put on cosmetics. Why would she conceal it? I do not wish to conceal my kid from others as a result of this. I believe she is attractive.”

Marianne is irritated when Internet critics remark that her kid is “beautiful despite the flaw” since such praises indicate “despite the flaw.” As her daughter grows older, the lady will demonstrate that the “port wine stain” makes her attractive and distinctive, and that she should be proud of her unusual look. At the same time, Marianne is understandably concerned about Angelica. “I’m concerned about what she may experience at school. I hope that people would be better informed and enlightened by that time.”

Nonetheless, this mother has complete confidence in her daughter. “She is such a courageous child; she has no fear of anything. I’m confident that she can handle anything. She transcends her birthmark. She is an individual.

A mother blogger from the United States is likewise battling for the right of her daughter to be unique. The lady would not let the three-year-old child to use a comb, resulting in highly odd hair. Some accuse the girl’s mother of racism and child maltreatment due to her haircut.

In any case, another girl marked her face with her own hands. The streamer believed that the temporary tattoo would be easily wiped off, but she was frightened when she realized how much she had to walk with him.


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