French newspαper: “Messi will leαve PSG to plαy footbαll in Saudi Arabiα”

According to AFP news agency , a reliable source in Saudi Arabia confirmed that negotiations between Al Hilal club and Lionel Messi have been completed so that the Argentine star will move to the club in the Middle East to play football next season. This means that the 36-year-old striker will leave PSG after June 30.


French newspaper: Messi will leave PSG to play in Saudi Arabia - 1

French media confirmed that Messi left PSG to join Al Hilal club in Saudi Arabia this summer (Image: Getty).


Under the deal, Messi will receive a huge £ 522 million contract at Al Hilal club, blowing away Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s previous record contract of £ 200 million at Al Nassr club.

However, the current Paris Saint Germain (PSG) did not comment on the AFP information , except to reiterate that Messi’s contract runs until the end of this season.

Earlier, French newspaper L’Equipe also confirmed that Messi had reached a verbal agreement with the team in Saudi Arabia but no contract has been signed. The French newspaper claims that Messi’s offer is a two-year contract, with the option to renew it after the contract expires.



The possibility of Messi coming to Saudi Arabia is increasing, when the Argentine star has just received a 2-week suspension at PSG after an illegal trip to the country in the Middle East on May 1.

French newspaper: Messi will leave PSG to play in Saudi Arabia - 2

Fans expect Ronaldo to confront Messi when the Argentinian star agrees to go to Saudi Arabia to play football (Photo: Dailymail).


If Messi joins Al Hilal, he will reunite with former Barcelona team-mate Sergio Busquets, who has accepted a two-year contract and is likely to reunite with Jordi Alba.

Al Hilal is currently fourth in the Saudi Pro League, the top league of Saudi football , while Ronaldo’s Al Nassr is second, five points behind Al Ittihad with four games left this season.

Coach Ramon Diaz’s side, which play at the 68,752 capacity King Fahd Stadium, won the title last season but are falling behind the leaders this season.

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