PSG fαпs turпed up outside of the club’s heαdquαrters to protest αfter Messi wαs suspeпded for 2 weeks

The footballing superstar was handed the suspension following an unauthorised trip to Saudi Arabia.

Paris Saint Germain’s supporters protest outside of the club’s headquarters

They called on the club’s leadership to resign

The protest saw flares set off in the street

With fans critical of PSG’s recent failures

There were even calls for the Qatar owners of the club to leave

The latest protest came after a 3-1 defeat to Lorient

Lionel Messi is set to leave PSG after his suspension

Messi, 35, became a tourist ambassador for the Gulf State last year after agreeing a £25million deal to promote the country.

The forward reportedly missed PSG training on Monday, with the club’s Qatari bosses coming down ʜᴀʀᴅ ᴏɴ Messi as a consequence of his trip.

But PSG fans arrived in their droves outside of the club’s head office following the ban and after the club suffered a 3-1 loss to Lorient at the weekend.

The protest saw fans ignite flares while holding up banners calling on the club’s management to resign.

One banner said: “Leadership resign.”

A second read: “PSG who are you,” while a third had on it: “Where are you going?”

A group of PSG Ultras also turned up outside of Neymar’s house.

The club released a statement slamming the actions of the supporters.

It said: “Paris Saint-Germain strongly condemns the intolerable and insulting actions of a small group of people, which took place this Wednesday.

“Whatever the differences, nothing can justify such acts. The Club gives its full support to its players, its management and all those affected by these shameful behaviours.”

Messi is now set to leave the club after two underwhelming years in Paris, following the move from the French league leaders.

Spanish football expert Guillem Balague told the BBC that “neither club nor player” want to renew Messi’s expiring deal at the end of the season.

And reports suggest his trip to Saudi could be indicative of his future, with the Argentine heavily linked with a transfer to a club in the nation.

This could likely see him reignite his feud with Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently stars for title-chasing Al-Nassr.

However, many teams remain keen on the World Cup winner, including a host of Premier League and European sides.

Pep Guardiola could be in line for a reunion at Manchester City, while cross-town rivals Manchester United would also be keen to get their hands on Messi, though this may depend on the club’s new ownership.

Money spinners Chelsea and Newcastle have been linked too, while the door is open for Barcelona to bring their best-ever player home with Inter Miami also linked in the past.


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