Admire the 500-year-old ancient oak tree as beautiful as a watercolor painting in the South Carolina, USA.

According to DK on November 18, the above oak tree is located in Angel Oak Park on Johns Island, South Carolina, USA.

This ancient tree has a height of 20m and a trunk diameter of 8m, while its shadow covers an area of 1,600m² wide and branches 57m long. Although it was severely damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, it is still beautiful and strong.

Beautiful oak as a natural masterpiece.

The branch is 57m long.

The oak is located on the property of owners Justis and Martha Angel, and it is also named after this. Most people believe it to be the oldest living oak tree east of the Mississippi River, but some southern oaks are believed to be hundreds of years older.

The time layer clearly shows the trunk.

Although there are many projects growing around the oak tree, preserving the natural masterpiece comes first. In spring and summer, many events take place around this ancient tree such as the “evening under the angel oak tree”, plays or the Spoleto festival.

The oak trunk is very large and full of antiquity.

There are many ghost stories around the oak tree.

Some stories say that around the oak tree there are many ghosts of slaves here. In fact, many slaves once lived and served the masters here.

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