мillion dollαr dαy in the life of Cristiαno Ronαldo

Nearly. He is the highest-paid soccer player in the world and the third highest-paid athlete behind Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Forbes estimates its earnings at $80 million a year. In addition to his $20 million salary and CR7 businesses, he has worked with brands such as Nike, Armani, KFC, and TAG Heuer.

This day was a TAG day, a day to earn a good chunk of your endorsement deal.

Cristiano Ronaldo sleeps in and skips breakfast on Million Dollar Day, a day when, to be distasteful, he will win a million dollars.

The day is cool and bright, a flicker, but Cristiano’s room is dark until the electric shutters open like the locks on a canal and light floods the room.

Ronaldo juggles with supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

He stands, stretches, stands taller than his six feet, and walks down a corridor of eerie figurative paintings and passageways to indoor pools.

He walks on his soles, but his stance gives the impression of being alert, stiff, a little bow-legged, like a guy at the gym desperate for slimmer calves.

Behind the Scenes of Alessandra Ambrosio’s GQ Body Issue Shoot with Cristiano Ronaldo

Everything in his body seems vacuum sealed; one gets the impression that even their internal organs are thin.

Cristiano Ronaldo Juggles a Soccer Ball in his Underwear | GQ Sports

Arriving at his 5-year-old son’s room, Cristiano Jr., he says good morning (“Bom dia, Cris!”) before heading into the bathroom, where he showers, does his ablutions and looks for the few others Chosen from dozens of toiletries guarding the counter, a forest of moisturizers.

Alessandra Ambrosio Joins Cristiano Ronaldo for GQ Cover

is a professional soccer player with aspirations to be the best in the world. He is a winger for Real Madrid football club, the king’s team, a sports entity with 450 million fans around the world, and one of the top three or four football teams in the world. He is the captain of the Portuguese team.


He is the most famous athlete in the world. (Ahead of LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Barcelona (4) “rival” Lionel Messi. (5)) He is a fixture on the undercard.

He is the namesake of his own underwear line.

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